Japfest drag wars


JAPFEST DRAG WARS is our own concept of quarter mile drag racing.

The competition is ran by extremely qualified people - SCSCLUB - with world class measuring equipment by Race America and in compliance with Europen quarter mile racing standards.

What differs DRAG WARS from all other drag racing events? Our goal is to give everyone the possibility to race as much as you can, use all the fuel and tires you got. On most competition events drivers wait for a long time for their run, and make a few runs during a race day. Here, our crew is ready to work on your time measuring throughout the entire two days for each one of you to race the hell out of your cars and train as much as it is possible!

Every & Only qualified JAPFEST car can take part in Drag Wars.

There are 6 major divisions where you will be able to compete with other drivers for great prizes from our sponsors and the DRAG WARS PODIUM.

  • FWD STREET - naturally aspirated front wheel drive cars
  • FWD PRO - force inducted (turbo, supercharger), nitrous charged or methanol injection front wheel drive cars
  • RWD STREET - naturally aspirated rear wheel drive cars
  • RWD PRO -  force inducted (turbo, supercharger), nitrous charged or methanol injection rear wheel drive cars
  • AWD STREET - naturally aspirated all wheel drive cars
  • AWD PRO -  force inducted (turbo, supercharger), nitrous charged or methanol injection all wheel drive cars

Technical requirements for the cars and the drivers are pretty simple:

  • Car should have no leaks, must be "one-piece" looking and do not make any danger to other drivers, staff and visitors of japfest
  • Drivers need to have a locked helmet on, locked seatbelts and closed windows
  • Each car needs to have correctly installed and ready to use fire extinguisher 
  • Each car needs to have a valid insurance policy 

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Japfest drag wars