Poland's car tuning scene had to wait for years for this event. In 2014 for the very first time we have prepared an event that brought everything you have always wanted, to meet the desires of all of you - the drifters, racers, classic and oldschool fans, showcars and detailing enthusiasts. Throughout the last 3 years of its history the event has grown from a local event for few hundreds of highly engaged people in the scene, to one of the most recognised automotive events in Poland. JAPFEST as the only car show limited to one country of car origin, engages thousands of visitors and this number is rising each year in an enormous pace. This year for the third time we organise this event as International and we expect over 500 cars from more than 10 countries in Europe.

JAPFEST is an event that stole hearts of its participants and visitors, not their wallets. Many of our participants tell us that their cars leave their garages only once per year, especially for this event. You shall not find splendid luxury cars that were just bought from the dealers, but project cars that took years to finish, that took loads of heart, sweat and tears to have been built. You will meet our massive 'JDM family', see the best cars from 10 countries, see our special DRIFT BATTLE competition, drift shows and DRAG WARS - 1/4 mile racing, at the same time. You will get to know dozens of passionate-for-life fantastic people, talk about the freshest trends, products and services from our contributors and sponsors, you will be able to get some souvenirs or gadgets and have something delicious to eat in our best of the best street foods that we bring for you every year. In the evening, for the qualified participants only, there is a great afterparty and awards giving gala, all brought to you by our great DJ's - The BackOffice Project.

Additionally - lots of shows, contests, lotteries and most of it all - beautiful women who will show you more than you can imagine during the Sexy Car Wash Shows!




JAPFEST according to our tradition will take its place on the last weekend of july - 26th-28th.07.2019

The spot, for the second time is the old military airport in Legnica city, right at the A4 highway.

The most important attractions:

  • Over 500 selected japanese cars with visual and performance modifications fromover 10 coutries from Europe 
  • LONDON ELEKTRICITY & MC Degs concert on Friday evening
  • Drifters zone
  • Presentations at the main stage
  • Presentations and exhibitions of car brands and garages
  • Gadgets and souvenir shops
  • Sexy Car Wash shows
  • Street Food, BBQ, cold drinks
  • Live DJ music all the time
  • Photo shoots with our official models – JAPFEST GIRLS
  • Closed afterparty for qualified participants only
  • and many, many more!



We are proud to have published an article about the history and the very beginnings of JAPFEST on one of the most important websites globally for our community - THE SPEEDHUNTERS, where over 1.5 million people a month read cool motorsport stories, like ours! 

japfest speedhunters





What distinguishes our event from other of such a scale is that JAPFEST was born with an enormous power of passion, engagement and friendship of a group of friends. JAPFEST is not just a brand. JAPFEST for us is a way of life. While we try to get an international level of our event and brand you might get an impression that it is very commercial, don't get fooled! JAPFEST is organised by a group of friends from Wroclaw, Poland who turn their lives upside-down for a few months every year to make something remarkable happen again! Most of us owe japanese cars, we are into this for 10 years now and we can honestly say - this is our life. Due to our knowledge and experience we give everything we got to provide our participants and visitors with the best we have, and the best we, ourselves, would like to get!


japfest crew