Japfest Time Attack - fot. Filip Flisek


TIME ATTACK returns after 3 years break, for the fifth edition of JAPFEST!

The JF Time Attack will take place on 29th July 2018 (FRIDAY) in cooperation with PIXERS RING, on PIXERS RING racetrack in Krzywa, which is located just 30mins away from the Festival in Legnica. We will post a time schedule for the Time Attack for a few weeks before the event. 

We have prepared a competition in several engine displacement and drive classes and whole day of driving in 20 minute sessions with wireless time measuring equipment.

For the Time Attack competition there is a maximum number of 80 cars allowed. To take part in TA one must first qualify for JAPFEST 2018 in our selection process and next the order of received payments decides who gets in, so don't wait for it! You will receive detailed information about it in our official mailing that you will receive when your car is accepted for the event. 

There competition will be held inseveral engine and drive classes, however we will publish what are those classes only when we will close the applications of all Time Attack cars, as we wish to adjust the classes to the specific cars that will apply for the best possible competition and rivalry for everyone. One thing is certaing - there will be a PRO class for professional cars that are not legal for public driving!

There are great prizes to win in this competition worth over a 1000 EUR! :)

The competition will be conducted by professionals from PIXERS RING racetrack, onsite you all might want to use some catering services as well as know the object better and get some good deals for their events and services.

Technical requirements for the cars and the drivers are pretty simple:

  • Car should have no leaks, must be "one-piece" looking and do not make any danger to other drivers, staff and visitors of japfest
  • Drivers need to have a locked helmet on, locked seatbelts and closed windows
  • Each car needs to have correctly installed and ready to use fire extinguisher 
  • Each car needs to have a valid insurance policy 

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