For many years, you have been able to participate in the largest Japanese automotive festival, JAPFEST. Over this time, you have witnessed many evolutions in cars, exhibitors, and the festival itself. Thanks to you, the event grows bigger each year, the level of cars becomes higher, and because of you, JAPFEST is one of the most significant automotive events in the country and Europe. That’s why year after year, we strive to raise the bar to give you more experiences, more attractions, so that the time spent remains in your memory forever.

After over a decade of JAPFEST, we boldly and proudly speak of success on a continental scale across Europe. We’ve unified the automotive scene associated with Japanese cars, motivated people to work on the most beautiful cars in the country and abroad, and captured the hearts of thousands of visitors who come to us not only from all over Poland but also from many European countries. We welcome guests even from Portugal, Norway, or Ireland, who travel thousands of kilometers just to be with us, in this special weekend. JAPFEST is an event that the automotive scene has been waiting for for many years. In 2014, for the first time, we hit the nail on the head and prepared an event where enthusiasts of racing, drifting, classics, and show cars found something for themselves. Over the course of the first three years, the initiative grew from a initially planned closed event for a few hundred people to one of the largest and best recognized automotive events in the country. JAPFEST, as the only automotive show limited thematically to cars from one country, and limited by the selection of registered cars, attracts thousands of visitors, whose numbers increase astronomically every year! The foundations of our success lie in many years of our commitment to the passion for cars and automotive events, thinking about how to do even more and how to give even more to the viewers, participants, and partners. It is this philosophy that has brought us to where we are today. Of all the other events available on the automotive market in Poland, JAPFEST stands out with the incomprehensible bond that connects participants, sponsors, spectators, and the organizers themselves. Today, we know for sure that the date and place don’t matter, because JAPFEST is in the people who co-create this endeavor. JAPFEST is a synonym for passion, respect, and commitment to motoring.