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The document contains text primarily in Polish, relating to a YouTube channel called “Fast Family” which shares events and experiences related to cars, tuning, and motorsports. It also includes links to various videos on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion.

Here is a translation of a detailed portion of the text into English:

Fast Family is our YouTube channel, which we have been running since 2017 to share interesting events from the lives of the JAPFEST organizers with you. We tell you about the backstage and organization of the festival, answer questions, and also show how we ourselves fulfill our huge passion for cars, tuning, and motorsport.

The name FAST_FAMILY refers to two very important themes that have defined our lives today. Firstly, it refers to the title of a movie from around 2000 which really started everything. The movie ‘Fast & Furious’, especially its first three parts, although to be taken with a grain of salt, planted in the heads of automotive maniacs, street racing, and tuning, a dream of a family where everyone arrives at a communal barbecue in the most iconic cars, respects each other, and looks out for one another. 17 years ago when we all met, we drove rusting cars worth a few thousand like Honda Civics, Preludes, but today, after so many years, that dream has come true and when we organize a barbecue together, the driveway is filled with cars that were once only dream cars we saw in movies.

First, there were online forums, then local meets, and from that, a community was born that over the years has been filtered multiple times until we realized that what we do goes far beyond cars. Most of us are nearing our 40s, some of us have children, houses, trees, dogs, and cats. We are a crew of closest friends connected by Japanese motoring. Even if our current activities or hobbies have strayed from Japanese cars – we know that Japanese motoring unites like nothing else. We want to pass on our values to you and show how you can realize dreams together, conquer the world not with money, but with passion, friendship, and a huge belief in what we do.

We understood that what is everyday and standard for us, may be something new and unusual for many of you, and you will gladly see and listen to what we have to say on the topic. We will share our knowledge and experience with you. You will meet a lot of cool people, cars, workshops, and shops with us, with whom we have been cooperating for years, and who also help us in realizing our passions. We will try to hold regular contests and giveaways for the most engaged fans. We will do our utmost to make each episode interesting and not to be ‘about nothing’ as many YouTube channels we have encountered so far.”

Welcome to our YouTube channel and below you can see our pilot episode #FAST_FAMILY!

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