Tickets - JAPFEST 2024

Currently, the first batch of tickets for JAPFEST ODTJ Tomaszowo 2024 is on sale!

Ticket sales for the second edition of JAPFEST 2024 – Tor Poznań – will begin in June!

This year we have prepared 3 types of tickets for you:
  1. SINGLE-ENTRY TICKET – This is a single-entry ticket to the festival area during the opening hours for spectators. Leaving the venue means forfeiting further participation in the Festival. The ticket can be used on any day of the JAPFEST Festival.
  2. 3-DAY TICKET – This is a classic ticket like in recent years for the entire JAPFEST – you will exchange it for a wristband that allows you to stay on the festival grounds for 3 days during the opening hours for spectators (you can leave the venue and return thanks to the wristband).
  3. VIP TICKET – a 3-day ticket allowing you to stay on the festival grounds around the clock, participate in the afterparty and the award ceremony. With this ticket, you can also bring a tent with you, in which you can camp on the festival grounds.
Children up to 7 years old and people over 70 years of age – free admission. None of the tickets sold entitles you to enter the festival grounds with any vehicle, there is no possibility of entering even for a moment. The only way to enter the venue with a vehicle is to be a participant of the festival. Tickets not used for the first festival in June cannot be used for entry to the second festival in July. The tickets sold below are spectator tickets! If you are a festival participant with your own car and have passed the festival selection positively, do not buy tickets here but in the user account after logging in! Update 14:00 11.04.2024 The first batch of tickets is sold out! The second batch of tickets goes on sale on Monday 15.04.2024 at 12:00!