For all thrill-seekers and competitors, we’ve prepared a challenge in the form of POWER SPRINT. During the competition, the drifting track will be extended and utilized for time trials. Just before the finish line, there will be a (mandatory) barrel to maneuver around, and the finish line itself will be located practically right under the main stage. Of course, if time isn’t your priority, you can take on the barrel multiple times 😉 Measurements will be taken by a professional and experienced team, and any qualified participant can take part in the POWER SPRINT competition.

The technical requirements for cars and drivers are quite simple:

The car must not have any leaks, it must be in one piece, and it must not pose a threat to participants and spectators.

Only the driver may be in the car.

The driver must wear and fasten a helmet, fasten seat belts, and have closed windows.

Every car must have a securely mounted and ready-to-use fire extinguisher.

If you don't have third-party liability insurance (for professional sports cars), you must have your own insurance policy covering you for damage caused to third-party property.