DRIFT BATTLE is our proprietary drifting competition prepared in a completely different format than what you will encounter in common drifting leagues.

The competition is mainly based on a show, with three Drift Games competitions, including Drift Limbo, Kiss the Wall, or runs with a cup full of water. Competitors drive non-stop for two days and earn points for their style, quality, and quantity of runs, as well as for individual competitions.

Every year, we honor the top three winners based on the highest number of points earned, as well as the DRIFT STAR for the competitor who put on the best show for the audience throughout the entire duration of the DRIFT BATTLE event. Additionally, each year, we also honor the best drifting team among those who participate, for their best tandem runs and what we call Drift Trains.

For the first time in JAPFEST history, we will also have NIGHT DRIFT! During the Tomaszów edition, the track will be open after dark, with lighting set up along the route, creating a spectacular experience combined with the drifting cars.

The whole competition is mainly focused on a super-positive atmosphere, unlimited practice, getting as close as possible and tapping on doors, rather than any competition and stressing about results. Nevertheless, you can count on fantastic prizes during both editions. Anyone qualified through the selection process can participate in DRIFT BATTLE at JAPFEST. As always, we provide DRIFT BATTLE participants with space in the service area and tire service at promotional prices.