Once again, as one of the very few commercial events, we have the pleasure of presenting and inviting participants to an endurance race!

Until now, real wheel-to-wheel races were organized only by PZM/FIA for licensed drivers. Thanks to receiving the PZM visa, which happens in cooperation with the Tor Poznań Track Day organizer, the JAPFEST festival as the only event of its kind in Poland can conduct a race in this format, and both non-licensed and currently licensed drivers can participate.

The one-hour race requires proper preparation of the vehicle both technically and of the driver physically and mentally. It is an amazing experience, as well as a huge test for the driver and his car.

If you believe that your car’s brakes will withstand, your engine won’t overheat, and you’ll be able to maintain consistent laps for an hour – this race is a must for you this season!

To qualify for the race, you must participate in the TIME ATTACK competition – the times from the competition also serve as qualifications for the race.


Light naturally aspirated cars with single axle drive with power up to 250HP - Honda Civic up to 8th generation, naturally aspirated Miatas, MR2, Celica, naturally aspirated Prelude, Toyota GT86/BRZ/GR86, RX8 - naturally aspirated.


All larger heavier cars up to 400HP - Civic from 9th generation and up, turbocharged Miatas, Supra, Skyline, Yaris GR, turbocharged Subarus, Evo, 370Z/350Z, Lexuses, Honda S2000s.


Race-prepped cars (caged and/or stripped), cars on non-homologated tires, drivers with above-average skills familiar with the track well, and cars with a high power-to-weight ratio, Nissan GTRs.

The technical requirements for cars and drivers are quite simple: