In 2019, for the first time, we created an amazing place for enthusiasts of everything Japanese: the Japanese Culture Zone.

The interest in the shows, exhibitions, and lectures organized in the zone was indescribable!

Since then, we have continued this tradition, and every year you can expect more and more attractions in this magical place!

The Japanese Culture Zone will be located at the epicenter of this year’s JAPFEST, in a covered hall with an area of ​​200m2, and the entrance will be marked by a Torii gate at the main road. On-site, you can expect a program full of shows and lectures throughout Saturday and Sunday. We have invited many artists, travelers, chefs, artisans from all over Poland and Japan to collaborate in this very special place to introduce you to the Land of the Rising Sun and to show you the most interesting aspects of the culture and traditions of this beautiful country.

Among the attractions waiting for you, we have:

Demonstrations of Japanese arms - the Japanese sword and spear - along with a lecture

Full-armored combat and fights in samurai armor

Demonstration of Japanese martial art using bamboo swords, Kendo ("Way of the Sword"), originating from the traditional swordsmanship of Japanese samurai, performed by the Traditional Japanese Arts Center - TENGUKAI.

Description and demonstration of a samurai armor, explanation of the armor production process in the past and present.

Tameshiwari - breaking bricks with bare hands, feet - demonstration with lecture

Demonstration of Japanese traditional costumes

Games and activities for the youngest (Japanese tabletop games)

Training sword fight for the audience as well as for the youngest with foam swords

Calligraphy, writing names in Japanese alphabet

Culinary arts - live lecture, tasting, opportunity to purchase traditional Japanese dishes

Lectures on the differences in culture and life between Japan and the rest of the world