As every year, the JAPFEST festival is accompanied by one of the most Japanese motorsport disciplines, Time Attack. This year, we are planning TWO ROUNDS of Time Attack. The first will take place on May 31st at Krzywa Circuit. The second, on the full layout of Poznań Circuit on July 26th, will be a special opportunity to see the fastest Japanese cars in action on a full-size FIA-approved track with homologated lap timing! A detailed schedule for participants will be published a week before the festival, and participants will receive it via email.

This year, we have something special in store for you, making it worth participating in both editions of Time Attack. Each event will have the same classes, and points will be awarded based on the position at the end of the day. Special prizes are planned for drivers who collect the highest number of points from both editions, and the winner of P1 will be awarded the Japfest Cup!

We have prepared competition for participants in several classes, from 09:00 to 15:00 in 15-minute sessions.

There are only 80 spots available for the Time Attack competition. To participate in TA, you must first qualify for JAPFEST (pass the selection process), and then the order of payments will decide, according to the information you will receive via email after acceptance of your registration.

We anticipate several classes, depending on the drive type or possibly the car’s engine capacity. However, we will determine the classes only when we have a full roster of participants – we want to tailor them to achieve the most balanced competition and equal chances of winning prizes for many participants.

We definitely plan to create a PRO class, where professionally prepared race cars will compete, including those not allowed for public roads, caged, and running on full race slicks.

The prize pool for the winners of the JF TIME ATTACK competition will exceed several tens of thousands of złoty this year!


Light naturally aspirated cars with single axle drive with power up to 250HP - Honda Civic up to 8th generation, naturally aspirated Miatas, MR2, Celica, naturally aspirated Prelude, Toyota GT86/BRZ/GR86, RX8 - naturally aspirated.


All larger heavier cars up to 400HP - Civic from 9th generation and up, turbocharged Miatas, Supra, Skyline, Yaris GR, turbocharged Subarus, Evo, 370Z/350Z, Lexuses, Honda S2000s.


Race-prepped cars (caged and/or stripped), cars on non-homologated tires, drivers with above-average skills familiar with the track well, and cars with a high power-to-weight ratio, Nissan GTRs.

The technical requirements for cars and drivers are quite simple:

  • The car must not have leaks, it must be in one piece, and it must not pose a danger to participants and spectators.
  • The car entering the track at Tor Poznań cannot generate noise above 96dB – we use silencers/db killers, additional mufflers.
  • The driver must wear and fasten a helmet, fasten seat belts, and close windows.
  • Each car must have a securely mounted and ready-to-use fire extinguisher.
  • In the absence of third-party liability insurance (for professional sports cars), the driver is required to have their own insurance policy covering damage caused to third-party property.
  • Tires without road homologation (race slicks) – are only allowed for cars with a full safety cage and automatically move the car to the PRO class.